The happy rule-breaker

Lately I decided to change my Instagram feed and the kind of pictures I used to post since I opened up my Instagram. And I want to share the story behind it, so here’s why.

For me Instagram was about showing everyone one side of me. I mean, that’s what it has been for me for a very long time. I always enjoyed getting ready, putting on some extra make up and get more “glam” for a night out, but that’s just me for maybe 10-20% of the time. Even better said, it was me when I was trying to make the perfect selfie, with the perfect smile and the perfect look in my eyes. Only those 5 seconds out of my entire life. That was the only part I wanted to show on Instagram.

It wasn’t representing me completely. So that’s why it finally got me to a break point, which is the reason I wasn’t posting that often anymore this summer. I didn’t enjoy making the same kind of selfies anymore, so I deleted the Instagram app a lot of times (and downloaded it again too lol). I archived a lot of pictures I didn’t like anymore, but I still felt like I couldn’t start posting different kind of pictures, because I thought my followers were expecting me to post the same kind of photos.

I ain’t wearing a lot of make up for almost 80% of the time because I really love being natural. So I felt like I couldn’t post random pictures of me enjoying my life, because it wasn’t matching my older posts. Those pictures aren’t perfectly posed, so I felt like they weren’t “Instagram-proof”.

And I guess now I’m at a point where I let all of those thoughts go and I’m gonna stop limiting myself. I’m realizing that this is MY Instagram and that I can post whatever I want. If I’m not enjoying what I’m doing, then why continue? So I decided to drop all the thoughts of how people need to post “perfectly posed” pictures all the time. We. Absolutely. Don’t.

The same counts for the trend where people show two different photos, which are taken 10 seconds apart, to show how you can manipulate the reality on pictures. For me I’ve kinda had enough of the “perfect” Instagram feeds. So that’s why I decided to start breaking the “rules” myself.

Besides how amazing I feel when I’m wearing a lot of make up and tight dresses, that’s just a little part of who I am. Now I’m able to show you guys also the bigger part of me and I’m really enjoying it already. And of course I’ll still make those kind of selfies every now and then, but I don’t feel like those are the ONLY kind of pictures I can post.

Let me know if you also been dropping the limitations you set for yourself lately, to start doing what you really like?

Love xo

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