Get to know me better!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first long Get To Know Me tag ever! I loved doing this sooo much and hope you like reading it as well! Okay, so let’s start:

What’s your full name?

Melodi Melisa Ebru

Where you were born?

In The Netherlands, Harderwijk.

What is your zodiac sign?


How many siblings do you have?

I have one younger brother.

What is your favorite food?

I like oatmeal for breakfast a lot.

Do you write with a right hand or left?

Right hand.

Do you have any tattoos?

Yes, I’ve got 3.

Are you afraid of darkness?

As soon as I watch thrillers or horror movies, yes. Otherwise, no.

Which smell do you like the most?

Smell of Palo Santo (incense) and floral, sweet perfumes.

What type of movies do you like?


Which movie did you watch last time?


What are your hobbies?

Dancing, writing, reading, spending time with people I care about.

Do you read books?

I even take books with me to the toilet, so..

Do you like being inked?

It’s an addiction of mine.

Who is your favorite writer?

This one is way too hard to answer. I have so many!

Your favorite movie?


Do you believe in “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”?

I totally believe that a lot of health issues have to do with your eating habits.

Which subject is your favorite?

Spirituality & philosophy.

Do you like poetry?

I’m loving it lately.

Which cartoon you still love?

Totally Spies, lol!

Which snack do you like the most?

Delicious vegan protein bars.

 “A person is known by a company he keeps”. Do you believe that?

100%. You choose to hang out with certain people because you are on the same page in life or vibe together. They form you and you influence them. I do believe that you become more alike.

Are you a good secret keeper?

Yes. I think one of the most important things is not to break anyone’s trust, since it’s something you can’t ever repair.

Do you like pets?

I’d love to have an iguana one day once I’m planning to live somewhere for a long time.

Do you see nightmares?

Sometimes, but I often forget what my dreams and nightmares are about.

What is the biggest regret of life?

Nothing’s ever a regret, but a lesson.

Which sport is your favorite?

Besides, dancing and fitness, definitely boxing.

Describe yourself in three words?

Wild, go-getter, open-minded.

Beauty or intelligence? What’s necessary?

I think both are God’s gifts. And you’re lucky if you have both. But I believe intelligence will take you way further in life than beauty only.

Do you like partying all the time?

Not at all. I like partying every now and then, but totally not a going-out-every-weekend type of person. It’s costing me way too much energy to be around that much people that often.

Which season is your favorite?


Which quality of a person do you like?

If they can be truly their self; so sincerity.

What three things make a date perfect?

If you have good conversations and feel understood, can laugh together, and want the clock to stop ticking, that’s a perfect date.

Can you dance?

Hahaha, watch me! 😉

Do you like pre-marital sexual relationships?

If you’re also in a love relationship, definitely yes.

Do you text often?

I don’t really like to text. I prefer voice messages or calls. Or just face-to-face contact.

What is your biggest wish?

That people start to awaken worldwide and we start creating a better world for new generations.

Do you like children?

For a couple hours, yes.

How many kids do you want?

I don’t plan on getting children ever (yet).

Whom you never want to see again?

I don’t mind seeing any kind of person again, lol.

Which band you like the most?

I’ve only been a fan of Tokio Hotel back in the days, haha. I still like them a lot.

Do you like ice cream?

I love Italian scoop ice cream!

Which ice cream flavor is your favorite?

Chocolate and lemon, my favorite combination for the rest of my life probably.

Do you like coffee or tea?

Both a lot, but I’m totally more a tea person.

Are you romantic?

Ooooh, tell me something about it.

Do you sing in bathroom?

Not only in the bathroom though.

What’s your first reaction to any failure?

First panic, then calm down and think about getting back on track.

Who is your favorite musician?

2Pac, Bob Marley & Michael Jackson. Can’t choose.

What is the last thing you do before sleeping?

Drink water.

When did you drink last time?

I don’t remember, but must have been a month ago probably.

What thing you can cook best?

Pies and cakes.

What was the worst tattoo design you have ever seen?

I don’t like trash stamps in general.

Which languages you can speak?

Dutch, Turkish, English and German.

Do you watch news?

No I decided not to do so anymore, a couple years ago.

Whom do you miss in life?

My dad, a lot.

What’s your concept of a life partner?

Someone you like to be around with and spending time with, who understands and supports you and loves you unconditionally.

Which quote inspires you?

People who know me very well, will know that my life is all about inspirational quotes. I think this one from Albert Einstein is really inspiring for example:

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Do you like energy drinks?

No, I also think they’re very bad for your health. I prefer coffee instead.

Are you addicted to Instagram?

No. But I try to reduce the time I spend on social media anyway.

What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever tasted?

Must have been the taste of Ayahuasca, haha, with all respect to the miraculous plant.

Do you like going for groceries?

Yes, nothing is as tasty as home-cooked dishes, so I have to go get my veggies!

What one advice you would like to give your juniors?

Dare to be the real you, be kind to yourself and try not to care too much about what other people think of you. (Lol that makes three.)

What were the weirdest clothes you have ever worn?

In between my 12th-14th year I was wearing more and more emo/gothic clothing and wore very how to say, “different” kind of clothes. Looking back I think I looked so weird with pink highlights in my hair and stuff, but I think it’s very cool that I had to courage to be different. I didn’t care at all about people finding me weird.

How many glasses of vodka you can drink at once?

My stomach can’t handle alcohol that well, so I’ll be okay with two or three or so.

Do you like taking selfies?

I used to. Now I often forget that my phone has a front camera, but once I feel like it, it can be entertaining.

Which thing first comes to your mind when you wake up?

Drink water and check the time.

What’s your favorite junk food?

Vegan burgers and pizzas.

How do you control your anger?

By boxing.

Tell one of your most embarrassing moments.

Okay here we go.

Once in elementary school, I walked out of school from the schoolyard towards my mom’s car. I got in and sat on the backseat of the car, when I looked forward to find out that there were two completely strangers (two women) sitting in front who looked very confused at me. I accidently stepped in exactly the same car, but not my mom’s car obviously. That was very embarrassing.

A candlelight dinner or a walk in rain. What is more romantic?

Both are very romantic, but I’d go for a walk in the rain.

About what you made the last post on Facebook?

A picture of planet earth saying “I don’t see any borders, do you?”

Which book you have read last?

Albert Camus, The First Man

A movie at cinema or home. What will you choose?


What three bad habits you often see in people?

Bad eating habits, spending too much time minding everything except their own business, choosing ignorance in a time where an incredible amount of information is available.

Does your religion impact your daily routine?

Not my daily routine, but of course it influences my way of putting things in perspective.

Are you talkative?

I am if I’m feeling comfortable around you.

What did you learn from your worst days?

That after every dark night, there is always a brighter day.

To whom you can give the password of your cell phone?

To my partner or best friend for example. I don’t really feel like there’s something to hide from those people.

What is the best age for a person to get married?

I think people should wait until at least their 25th. Personal development is key before stepping into a marriage, and that takes a lot of time and effort first.

What three things you wish to see in your life partner?

Loyalty, sincerity and mercy.

Are you selfless for those you love?

You shouldn’t be selfless for anyone. If they truly care about the person you are, they want you to be there and not eliminate yourself. That’s not real love.

What would you do, if your partner wasn’t the one you were looking for?

As soon as I’m sure about that, I’d talk about ending the relationship.

Who is closest to you, mom or dad?

I used to be closer to my dad. So if I had the luck to have them both in my life, it would still be my dad.

Can you build a relationship with your friend’s ex?

No, of course not. If they’re out of my friend’s life, means also they’re out of mine. No matter how good of a person they are. Exes are exes, period.

What do you do in a bad mood?

Turn on the music.

Who can be a best friend, a brother or a sister?

I think they can both be best friends, but in different ways. I can tell my brother literally everything, but he doesn’t want to go shopping with me (and give his opinion on every single item I try on), you feel me?

How do you judge a person?

By trying not to. And turning back your finger towards yourself immediately to find out which side of yourself you’re struggling to accept. Stay open-minded.

What’s one thing you can never forgive?

People who act like friends but don’t really want what’s best for you.

Can you give a second chance to a person you love?

Yes, depending on what it is for exactly. For example cheating, no. But replying too slow on my text last night, yeah, we could work on that.

Is love blind?

I think true love is choosing to be a little blind to the other one’s imperfections and focusing on the things you actually do like and love about them.

Who is behind your success?


Who might not be happy with your success?

People who believe that my success is making success less available for them, as if it’s something limited. And people who don’t believe they can achieve exactly the same or anything else they want, if they’d put in the effort.

Honor or money. What will you choose?

Earn money with honor.

Do you believe in ethnicity?

I grew up with some specific cultural and religious values in a country with a very different culture, carrying both cultures in me. Not always knowing where I belong, I consider myself as an inhabitant of planet earth. Sure thing that there are plenty of ethnicities depending on which area you grew up in, on this planet, but I don’t really believe in borders. I feel more peace in focusing on our similarities more than on our differences and keeping in mind that at the end under this skin we’re all the same living human beings.

So, you made it till the very end! Let me know how you liked reading the post! Love xo

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