The last time.

When was the last time your heart bursted open, as if it exploded out of joy? Can’t you remember? Than why are you still breathing?

I wonder why we people think that life is worth living if it isn’t for joy. From the believers to the non-believers, why would we want to be somewhere if it doesn’t makes us happy? Have we been thrown someplace in this Universe to struggle between finding happiness and losing it right after we think we found it?

Did we come all the way right here to wake up everyday and go do a little work to earn a little money so we can buy a little food and keep this whole shitty nightmare going? To spend our lives as zombies working our asses off in order to believe the lie we made it, by showing it off to other people hoping that they believe the lie we made up for ourselves as well.

How ironic. Life must be a joke. A blurry dream or nightmare we all seem to be caught up in. “Make them fight for their freedom, so they all think they live by their own choices.” But we are not. We are chained by invisible chains and either we don’t even know or I’m afraid that we don’t even care. We want to be a part of it, because we’re scared to death of… death?

Scared to be left out of the mass. Non-conformists trying to run away from it. No difference. You can feel as isolated in a group as you can feel standing outside of it. The thing is we don’t recognize ourself. So caught up in our minds, that’s constantly talking to us. If it wasn’t for our nature to at least need a couple hours of sleep to survive we would even be worrying in our dreams.

We need to stop judging. We need to stop throwing all our toxic ideas out there. The world doesn’t gets better from it. We are making ourselves and each other sicker day by day. This is going to get worse everyday, if we don’t stop and take a second to ask ourselves:

Am I alive?

Am I breathing?

Am I doing the things that fill my heart up with the warmth of my deepest passions?

Am I so distanced from myself that I don’t recognize myself as the creature I am, pointing out my fingers non-stop to judge others, while it’s all a projection of my mind?

We need healing. It’s not just our planet we are destroying, we our destroying the beautiful beings we are as well if this continues. And no; the weekends, the holidays, the retirements are not gonna save us. It’s not taking a break that will bring ourselves back to us, the solution isn’t hiding in tomorrow, in a Monday or next year. It’s opening our eyes. In the very special moment of now. Just now. Yes, right now.

We all are connected and all together and only living in a dream full of mirrors. So you thinking that you are better than others, you thinking that you are different than others, you thinking anything that comes close to judging others, is just you judging you. We need to open our eyes to who we are, to understand that we all are just the same. We are one. Connected to everything else. One growing ball of development and maybe we are going to crash and hit a big wall anyway, but at least we can try to love more. Try to see the beauty of this process, try to give it at least a chance to heal.

Can we make ourselves believe in that? Can we light up the darkness which is not even there and stop the illusion of suffering?

Because when was the last time you smiled when rain was pouring outside and tried to catch the raindrops running around? When was the last time you smiled back to the sun who was shining it’s light upon you? When was the last time you listened to the music of the wind massaging the air we breathe? The green, the sky perfectly spread out in all kinds of blue. Have you ever recognized your blessing to be an observer of all this beauty?

If healing lies in our imagination as well, could we please stop creating suffering instead? Life is passing us all by, let’s wake up a little to love before we die.

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