Victims vs Champions

So popular nowadays. Work on yourself. It’s all in your head. It’s just in your thoughts. Work on it.

“You’re not a victim of your circumstances.”

Hold on. We are indeed not a victim of our circumstances, but let me tell you this. In order to realize we are not victims of our circumstances, we first have to get hurt. We first have to cry our eyes out believing that we ARE victims.

We have to go through the pain, the awful moments, the tears, the blame on everyone. The world, God, our beloved ones. We first have to hate everyone and everything. And in doing this and letting all these emotions in, we also need to put a hand on our hearts and tell ourselves that it’s going to be okay.

Because in order to learn how to walk, we first have to fall down a 50 times. Before we realize that we are not a victim of our circumstances, we first need to hate those circumstances. We first need to feel like a victim. Stop putting the blame on ourselves or others because of the person that they have become, because it’s not just them who made them.

Everyone has been formed by the experiences they went through. By the people and things they had around while growing AND the people and things they didn’t have around. The things they missed. Probably the most painful parts. The parts that made them into a sad, angry, frustrated person. While inside they are not. We are all not.

We may be suffering, we may feel like we’re the victims and maybe to some point we are. We couldn’t control the circumstances we grew up in, but after blaming everything for so long and hurting and crying for that long, we need to get up.

Throw the blame away. Dirt off our shoulders, also the shoulders of the people in our lives. We maybe for the very first time have choose to change. To decide that we have felt powerless until now, but that it’s time to make changes for the better. That we deserve to get where we want to go. To not settle down for anything less than we believe we deserve. Because we do.

We deserve all to develop so we can overcome obstacles. To understand why life threw us in these circumstances, we first need to take action to crawl out of the mud. We can of course also learn to swim in the mud and think that must’ve been the reason. But we can also follow our curiosity to discover the rest of the jungle. To follow our gut feeling and let the anxiety in the dark places we came from.

There’s a world of love yet to be discovered. Where we love ourselves and by doing that automatically love each other. Where we understand and caress each others scars. Where we are kind. Where we don’t feel the need to blame anymore. Because we realize that we all are champions.

That we have always been the champions.

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