Rewire yourself.

Everybody should rewire themselves during a period of time. “Okay, great, but what does rewire mean?” I can hear you asking. Rewire means to detach from anybody for at least a while in your lifetime to give yourself the opportunity to find yourself back again. It could be our parents, friends, partner or colleagues. Leaving the environment you spent so much time in. The moment you feel that your environment has become so comfortable but you know that you are not growing anymore. At least not in the direction you want to. On top of that, often in life we are so caught up in what our environment is expecting from us, that we have learned to act upon that. We act in a way that’s accepted in society in relation to our position in our family, our community or our group of friends.

To discover who you really are, you first have to put your glasses of labels down. Labels you let others put onto you and the labels you’ve put onto others. Because in time we get comfortable living in the roles we identify ourselves with. We know what’s expected from us and what we can expect from others. It’s easy and we don’t have to think too much on how to act. We already know and we just do what’s being expected from us. Until the day that we wake up and realize that our soul has been bored out to death. We don’t remember where exactly we lost the joy of living. How did we get caught up in the routine of everyday life and is there a way out?

Well, if you dare to break your mind open again, there is a way out of the funnel that started sucking you inwards.

If you want to see things change in your life, you’ve got to keep your mind open. You’ve got to leave all your judgmental thoughts aside and view the world and its people from a different perspective. This is why it’s so important to distance yourself for a while. Often when we’re wired in relationships for that long we get used to viewing people in a certain way. We think that we “know” the person, which results in us expecting them to act in a certain way. We basically start projecting our expectations on them, so the influence goes two ways.

As soon as we distance ourselves for a while, we become able to see things in new perspectives. The most important is that we manage to think out for ourselves which direction WE want to go, and we can decide whether we want to surround ourselves with the same friends. Once we really create the space for ourselves to listen to the voice from within, to who we really are, we can focus on our own compass again.

We can see which relationships are empowering us and which are holding us back. We can only see and understand the impact of these connections on our lives once we decide to rewire. Stop seeing yourself from the eyes of your family, stop seeing yourself from the eyes of your colleagues, your friends, your partner. Stop and take the time to breathe. To listen to your inner voice. Be calm and patient with yourself. Just start asking yourself: “Who am I?” The answer will not drop immediately since this will be one of the most difficult questions to ask yourself.

But it’s the most important question in order to bring your life to a turning point. To change your path and follow the compass who will lead you to your dreams. Rewire yourself in order to get connected to your deepest inner self. It’s okay to feel alone, it’s okay to feel scared. Get through these emotions with understanding and compassion. After a while you’ll start enjoying your own company and you’ll be able to give others even more.

Because often, if not always, it’s not the people who are toxic to us or diminishing our powers, but its ourselves. In the way we see ourselves through the eyes of others and act upon that, we become our own prisoners. So are you willing to set yourself free? Are you ready to make yourself feel a little uncomfortable to break through the metal storage you locked your soul into?

The true you is waiting out there. It’s time for you to start being them.

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