It doesn’t matter.

There were times that I wondered, if it was superficial to be posting photos of yourself everywhere on your social media. “Look at me being absolutely gorgeous!” That was probably because there had been a time I was so over people posting selfies all the time everytime their make up was on point. “Look at my brows being on fleek, oh look at me rocking this lipstick.” Yeah, probably because I’ve done it all too.

Besides of the fact if it’s been getting worse or not ever since, I realized that compliments stopped having meaning for me. Since this personal development and become more aware has been happening in my life, I slowly lost interest in what people thought of me. I used to be a lil” chubby kid when I was younger, not overweight or something but I had somewhat of a belly bumping out for a 9 year old. I remember being bullied all the time. Never through classmates or friends outside, but always through my cousins and other family members.

Even though I never listened to them and kept on saying that I was beautiful as I am, it still got to me, I guess. When I hit the stage of puberty and started facing my insecurities, I also started linking them to my weight. Even though I lost the chubbiness naturally, the things my family said started getting to me. I didn’t care all the time until I started letting it in. That’s where it started going wrong of course, but that’s a whole other, long, long story that definitely left its mark on my teenage years.

The thing I realized lately is that compliments really don’t mean a thing to me anymore. I never cared less about what people think about my appearance. I didn’t really care before as well, but being complimented was still striking my ego. But now everything of my past has found it’s place and the same cousins who once bullied me, walk around me with blushing cheeks, I once again realize that it’s so meaningless. The people who once told me I was chubby and fat, were now telling me that I had to stop losing weight, that I had became too skinny.

I was like “Excuse me, are you a JOKE?” Literally. You can’t build ANY-thing upon peoples opinion about you. If you want to succeed on every part of your life you have to work on how YOU see yourself and you have to stop giving a sh*t about what people might think of you. As you see, the same people can say I’m too chubby (which is also not their business) and as well tell me I’m too skinny (which is again not their business).

You can’t go anywhere from peoples opinions. You have to know how you think about yourself and focus on embracing who you are. It doesn’t matter whether the things they say are positive or negative, because it will change anyway. People who are willing to criticize will always find a way or a thing they don’t like to point out. You just enjoy being you and live life the way you want to live. If you are rocking them love-handles or if you really don’t give a sh*t about working your ass off just to look ripped, you just go do YOU!

Really, it’s that easy. Don’t mess up your mind, because you want people to like how you look. Our appearance can change with time, so if we want a sustainable peace of mind we have to let go of minding people’s opinions. Yes, even if they say beautiful or handsome, it doesn’t make you any more beautiful or handsome than you already are. Because you are. You are a very beautiful, handsome, cute lil’ badass. And you, just right now by reading this, tell yourself out loud now: “I don’t care what y’all think about me. I love myself anyway.” Period.

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