I am a woman.

I am a woman and I am entitled to.

Entitled to be whoever I want to be,

to go wherever I want to go.

I am entitled to make mistakes,

you will admire the imperfections you see.


I am beautiful the way I am, created to be this way.

I live in an emotional roller coaster,

and what I felt like doing yesterday,

might just not be what I want today.


I can follow my own compass, or let you guide me through.

I can fight the thoughest wars, carry the whole world on my shoulders if I have to.

I am a mother to my children, a whore to my husband, a daughter of my father.

I am a woman I don’t change for no one else, even if you might get bothered.


I am a warrior, I am a free bird, I can fly around.

I can choose to carry your child inside my whomb,

I can let foods grow out of the ground,

and let you enter to all the heavens,

you forgot lifetimes about.


I can turn planets around the earth, turn days into night.

You have to give your all, if you want to keep me satisfied.


You can try to put me into boxes I won’t fit,

and try to mask me to control your desires.

After you stretch your arms open wide

on the throne where I’m supposed to sit,

I will burn you in my flames and fires.


I can forgive, forget and caress

and start building it up again.

Do me wrong and you will be haunted

by an unrivaled revenge.


I am a woman, I create all humankind.

I am the nature that lies under the sky.

If you recognize, I am the world.

All the melodies to life’s songs.

And just and only and because

I as a woman

am entitled

to take and own.


~ Melodi Melisa (8 Nov, 2018)

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