“Yeah, that’s my girl.”

“Oh, baby but I’d love to keep it private. You’re mine, nobody needs to know.”  

Ladies, if you hear your man saying these kind of things, start questioning what it is that your man is trying to hide. We women often may think that these kind of things like keeping things hidden is romantic. because it can give some feelings as if you and your partner are sharing a secret that no one else knows about, but it’s also good to ask yourself with a healthy mind why he wants to keep your relationship that private.

Maybe he ain’t hiding it from no one specific, and it doesn’t have to mean he is cheating as soon as you hear something like this, but think about it.. Would a man want to keep his relationship secret if he was dating a VS angel? No. Hell no. He would be so proud that he would even walk around with her name written on his forehead. Why would you want to be with a man who’s not that proud to show you off to the world?

Why would you be okay with keeping things private? You’re desirable, forget about the stupid example I just gave about dating a VS angel, every woman is beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous, so best believe me if I say that a man should be very proud to be walking next to you as your partner. If he ain’t, he ain’t worth it. As simple as that. 

Stop wasting time on men who want to keep things private. He ain’t showing you off to his friends? He ain’t taking you home to his family? He doesn’t want to be seen in public with you? Girl, alarms better start ringing. Keep things about your relationship private, but not the relationship itself. No matter how much you’re into a man, always remember to listen to your gut feeling and do what feels right for you. 

If he asks you to keep it a secret that the two of you are together, go with it only if you are truly okay with it. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, just as for a proper explanation what the reason behind his idea is. In all honesty. If he has no good explanation, you draw your own conclusions. The most important thing in a relationship if being with a man that makes you feel comfortable. A man who does not shy away from showing you off. You deserve nothing less.

I love you.



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