Would you stop complaining?

How often do you catch yourself complaining about your situation? To you friend, to your partner, to your a father, or a colleague.. The comfortable space of playing the victim. Boo-hoo. “I have to go through so much. Life is working against me all the time.”

It’s so ingrained in our systems to victimize ourselves. Most of the time it’s only so we have something to talk about. Because we want to feel like we have something valuable to share. An experience to tell other people. Something that will be fascinating or will make others feel sorry for us instead. We absolutely learned to love the victim role. And we often have no idea how much we love it. That’s why it’s a tricky trap.

But when you take a look back on your life and for a second and can let go of the guilt and the shame.. Can let go of the disappointments and grief.. If you look back only to realize that everything eventually always worked out. Worked out for the best. Maybe you’re not happy at where you are right now, maybe you are. But whatever had to happen to get you to this point, happened. And most of the time it worked out way more different than you probably had in mind.

Isn’t it amazing? That even though you are the one in control, the bigger picture seems to be guided by a much stronger force than your own imagination and free will? What if that force is taking care of you? What if no matter what direction you decide to go, you are being guided? And you are being taken care of? What if you have nothing to fear? Is it possible for you to comprehend that?

Because the first step is letting yourself wonder. Yeah, why not? Why not wonder and be open to the possibility that the Universe is taken care of you. That you are always getting where you are supposed to be, because you can follow your own compass. And that there still is a bigger mission always, that you aren’t aware of yet. A bigger mission that is serving you and serving the good of every creature living. Would you find more peace in letting things be the way they are? Would you stop complaining?

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